Our Services

We specialize in offering the most comprehensive solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients at every level. we represent various intenational brandsin the field of personal protective equipments, power tools, pneumatic tools,hand tools measuring equipments and hard ware products.

Personal Protectiv Equlipments

Coveralls (Cotton, Poly cotton & Fire Rated)|Safety Jacket| Safety Shoes|Helmet|Safety Glass | Body Harness |Mask|Hand Gloves

Road Safety Equlipments

Traffic Cone / Pole|Barrier| Warning Light|Orange Mesh|Baton Light| Sign Board |Speed Hump

Power Tools

Angle Grinder|Bench Grinder| Cordless | Die Grinder | Tile Cutter| Drill | Hammers|Wood Working Tools|Chop Saw| Generator

Hand Tools

Automotive special tools|Electrical tools| Inspection tools | Oil filter wrenches | Pliers & snips| Plumbing tools | Screw drivers|Sockets & Accessories|Spanner & Wrenches| Stricking toolsSpanner & Wrenches| Torque wrenches

Material Handling & Lifting Equipments

Pallet truck|Strapping machinea& accessories|Glasslifter | platform trolley | Chain/Lever block| Electric Hoist | Shackles & Hooks|Wire rope/chain|Sling|WebbigslingPolyster round sling| Latching Belt & chain|GI/SS Wire RopesLifting bag

Test Insrtuments & Gauges

Multi Meter|Clamp Meter|Termo meter | Lux Meter| Vibration Meter| Digital Sound level meter | Voltage Detector|Light Meter|Photo Tacho meter|Pressure Guges

Pneumatic Tools & Compressor

Air cutting tool & grinder|Air drill & screw drivers|Air Hammers & chisel |Air sander| Impact wrench| Die grinder | Stapler|Air Rivet gun|ELEC./Petrol driven(25 Ltr.1000Ltr.)

Welding Equipments

Welding Machine|Gas welding set|Welding elctrodes |Welding Cable|Welding Helmet| Welding Accessories

Fire Fighting Equipments

Extinguishers|Blankets|Detector |Hose real |Cabinet|Sprinkler | Emergency Light|First aid box|Split kit


MS/SS sheet, Pipe & fittings|MS flat bar/Angle bar/MS beams/Courrugated |Sheet |BIS/MI Threated fittings| Ductile Iron grooved fittings| CS BUTT -Weld fittings |MS flanges( in both PN16 &# 150 grade)|ERW SCH 40/80 Pipes in both (Black/GI)|GI pipe & fittings|Aluminium/Brass sheet


Mild steel|Galvanizes iron| Hot Dip galvanized|Stainless steel grade 304&316


Canvas cloth|Duct coat 30-36 | Duct liner adhesive |Foam tap | Rubber insulation | Rock wool |Flexible ducts& connectors| Duct Pin 25-50 |Flaring & Swaging tool kit | Quick coupler||Tub bender/ cutter| Water test pump| |Manifold Gauge | Contact Cleaner||Manual pipe threading Kit| WrappingTape|Copper Tube

Consumables MEP Items

Aerosols & Adhesive

Construction adhesives, Epoxy adhesive, Epoxies, flooring adhesives, Fire rated sealants, Industrial Adhesive's, Mold release, Pulling compound, Silicon sealnts, Spray paints, Super glues, Tapes, Wood working adhesives.

Miscellaneous Items

PVC/Canvas/Fire rated tarpauline, Polythene sheets Shade net, Nylon/Cotton/PP/Manila Ropes, Hessian clothes Water thermos, Ice box Electrical water cooler, Ice cube machine, Sand blasting machine Common/concrete nails, GI/PVC coated/Black annealed binding wire, Cleaning items Castor wheels, Vibrator/Compactor/Concrete Mixer, Soldering iron and accessories

Power Tool Accessories

Buffing wheel ( 4"-16"), Cable burr/Mounding Stones, Core cutter, Cutting wheel ( 4"-16"), Diamond Disc & Cup wheel, Drill bits & Chisels, Grinding Wheel ( 4"-9"), Sanding/Flap disc ( 4"& 4-1/2), Saw blades ( Aluminium & Wood), Circular/Wheel/Cup brush GI& Brass

Measureing Tools

Calibrators/Caliper, Laser measures, Levels, Measuring taps/Wheel/Rules Gauges, Measuring Jar.

Electrical & Plumbing Items

PVC/Cooper Pipe & fittings, Water Heater, MCB & Switches, Cables, Pedestrial Fan, Connectors

Garate Equipment

Hydraulic Jacks, Body alignement & Repair kit, Cranes & Leveler, Hydraulic shop press, 4post & post lift

Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings

All kinds of hoses and fittings , Teflon sheets & Rodes, O Rings/Circlips and Gasket's, Chicago fittings, Hose clamps

Scaffolding & Accessories

Aluminium/Steel Mobile tower, Wheel/Spanner/Clamp/Tag/Belt, Aluminium Ladder, Pipe/Crocadile Jack